Hardeeville, SC Car Crashes Into Truck, June 1967


Hardeeville, S. C. (AP) -- Ten persons, including five members of one family, were killed early today when their station wagon collided with an asphalt truck south of Hardeeville near the southern tip of South Carolina.
There were no survivors in the station wagon. All the victims were from Savannah, Ga., four miles south of the crash scene at the intersection of U.S. 17 and S.C. 170.
The victims included three small children, several teenagers and three or four adults.
Sheriff J. T. Raymond Jr., of Aasper County, S.C., said the victims were identified as JUANITA LOADHOLT, 18 months; SHARON WILLIAMS, 4; BARBARA ANN WILLIAMS, 9; HENRIETTA WILLIAMS, 38; CHARLES RICHARDS JR., 27, driver of the station wagon; CHARLES RICHARDS SR., age unknown; WILLIE LOADHOLT, age unknown; WILLIAM LEE, age unknown; BUBBER MORRIS BENNETT, age unknown.
A woman was not identified immediately.
The truck driver, GEORGE SIMMONS JR., of Hardeeville, was not injured. He told police he had loaded his vehicle with asphalt early this morning at Savannah.
The crash occurred shortly after 5 a.m.
Most of the victims died immediately, but cries could he heard from some time after the accident.
The station wagon was so mangled that it was impossible to determine at first how many persons were in the vehicle.
"We used flash lights and got several different counts before all the bodies were removed," said one resident.
The last body was removed about two hours after the crash.
Residents of the rural community, a few miles north of the Georgia line, said the were awakened by a sound of metal scraping along the pavement of U.S. 17, but they said they did not hear the crash.
"The wheels of the station wagon were knocked off," said MISS SHARON CROSBY, who lives in a house trailer nearby. "You could hear the screeching and scraping of the body of the station wagon as it and the truck went down the highway."
"The body of the truck and the car were hung together. The station wagon was jammed up into the cab, and they are still trying to get pieces of the car out of the truck."
Ambulances removed the bodies to funeral homes in Savannah.

The Gastonia Gazette North Carolina 1967-06-23