Volga, SD Engineer Saves Childs Life, Jun 1911

Saves Child’s Life

Engineer on Northwestern Stops Train in Time to Save Boy.

Volga Tribune: Saturday evening as the west bound passenger was coming in to Volga, Engineer THOMPSON saw a child standing on the track a short distance in front of the engine. He immediately applied the emergency brakes and reversed the engine and was fortunately able to stop the train about 15 to 20 feet from the child. The little fellow was removed from the track, but before the train could pass him he attempted to get back on the track again and the train crew found it necessary to bring him to the station in order to prevent him from getting under the train. Engineer THOMPSON and his fireman and Conductor O’BRIEN and his crew were very much unnerved by the occurrence and hope that it will be a long time before they have another such experience. The child is a son of Mr. and Mrs. ELDERS, who moved here from Iowa a short time ago and live on the Dettmer farm, recently vacated by the KLOMPARENS.

Aberdeen American, Aberdeen, SD 8 Jun 1911