Flandreau, SD Train Hits Surrey, Feb 1909

In South Dakota


Passenger Train Runs Down Flandreau Couple Driving Home

Flandreau, Feb. 11. -- A distressing railroad accident occurred in Flandreau Saturday night by which Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Whaley were killed.  The unfortunate couple had attended the revival services at the Johnson tabernacle Saturday afternoon and evening.  At the close of the evening service they decided to spend the balance of the night with relatives two miles south of town. Occupying a double surrey, they started south about 11 o'clock.  Mr. Whaley in the front seat, driving, and Mrs. Whaley occupying the back seat.  Mr. Whaley was driving the team at a lively gait and at a railroad crossing they were run down by the passenger train due in Madison at midnight. The engineer saw the danger, but as the train was coming around a curve when the vehicle was discovered he was too close to stop the train and avoid the accident. The engine struck the surrey at the real wheels, killing Mrs. Whaley instantly, and Mr. Whaley was so badly injured that he lived only a few hours.  The team had gotten across the track and escaped uninjured.  Mr. and Mrs. Whaley are survived by five children.

Aberdeen Weekly News, Aberdeen, SD 18 Feb 1909