Sioux Falls, SD Two Car Collision, Feb 1958


Sioux Falls, S.D. (UP) - Five persons were killed and two others injured in a spectacular two-car crash east of here early Wednesday evening.
Killed were PAUL COAKLEY, 43; MRS. ANITA ALLEN, 22; and her 18-month-old, ARLO; and MRS. DORIA DYSART, 21, and her 18-month-old son, MATHEW. All were of Sioux Falls.
They were passengers in a car driven by FRED GREER, 21, Chattanooga, Tenn. The other car was driven by JAMES GARVEY, 33, Sioux Falls. Both were injured and are reported to be in "fair" condition in a Sioux Falls hospital.
The deaths boosted the South Dakota 1958 traffic fatality toll to 36, compared with 13 for the same period last year.
An eyewitness, Roy Hoogeven, Lester, Iowa, said the GREER car had just passed his automobile when it skidded on the wet pavement and was struck broadside by GARVEY'S station wagon.
"Cars and bodies were flying everywhere," Hoogeven said.
The bodies of the man and one of the babies was found on the pavement. The other three bodies were at least 100 feet from the wrecked vehicles.
The mishap occurred on S.D. Highway 38. five miles east of Sioux Falls.

Lead Daily Call South Dakota 1958-02-27