Aberdeen, SD Threshing Machine Explosion, Aug 1889


Three Men Killed by an Accident to a Threshing Machine.

A terrible accident occurred about noon at the farm of CHARLES DINSMORE, eighteen miles southwest of Aberdeen, Dakota. Three men were killed and several others seriously injured by the explosion of a threshing machine engine boiler.

The engineer, FRANK ARHSWOLDT, aged twenty-nine years, was blown seventeen rods and instantly killed. WILLIAM SHEELER, aged twenty-three, was blown twelve rods, and was dead when picked up. The fireman, whose name is unknown, recently from Jackson, Mich., aged about twenty-five, had his head blown off.

J. KRITEL had a leg broken and was badly scalded on the other leg and body. Two others were injured, but not dangerously. A team of horses attached to a water wagon was blown into the air and carried several rods. The wreck of the engine was scattered all over the prairie.

J. SHINSKY, the owner of the engine, was absent at the time of the accident. It is supposed to have occurred from a defective boiler which had been used five years and was cracked and rusty. The threshing crew was composed mostly of Russians and information is difficult to obtain.

The Cranbury Press New Jersey 1889-08-23