Aberdeen, SD Barn Fire, Jan 1911


The burning of a barn filled with hay at 811 Third avenue northeast, last evening at 10 o'clock, called out the fire department and demanded its attentions until 1:30 this morning. There was a total loss of both barn and contents, but the efforts of the department were successful in keeping the flames from spreading to nearby buildings, of which there weere many that were highly inflammable. The building was valued at $500 and its contents at about $300. The barn was covered by insurance to the extent of $300 and the hay, also, was partly covered.

The barn, which has been the property of William Royle, had been sold to Schaffer brothers, who were to take possession in the spring. The hay which it contained was the property of B. F. Murray. The origin of the fire is unknown, but circumstances seem to indicate that it must haave[sic] been set by someone who entered the barn last evening as there was nothing inside which could of its own accord start a conflagration.

Aberdeen Daily News, Aberdeen, SD 17 Jan 1911