Crossville, TN Train-Auto Accident, Aug 1917

Crossville Chronicle, Wednesday, August 8, 1917
The most appalling and regrettable accident that ever happened in Crossville occurred Saturday about 2 p.m. when the west-bound T.C. passenger train crashed into an auto in which there were seven persons, five being killed and two seriously injured. The accident occurred at the crossing of the Memphis-to-Bristol Highway on the east side of town.

The occupants of the auto were: Jake Hychew, of Monterey, driving; Misses Anna Mabel Dayton, Dorothy Dayton, daughters of Phillip Vanhoy, Crossville; Miss Rose Cox, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ab Cox, Pomona; Mrs. Sarah Hedgecoth, wife of Wm. Hedgecoth, Dorton; Miss Edna Hughes, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dick Hughes, Pomona.

Those instantly killed were Jake Hychew, aged 55; Miss Anna Mabel Dayton, aged 13; Miss Rose Cox, aged 18, and Mrs. Ida Vanhoy, age 21. Mrs. Sarah Hedgecoth, aged 44, died in a few minutes after the train had reached the station with the bodies.

The remains of Miss Rose Cox were buried at Pomona Sunday, the services being conducted by J.L. Burnett, of Crossville.