Dayton, TN Mine Explosion, Mar 1902 - 22 Men Killed


Nelson Mine of the Dayton Coal and Iron Company in Tennessee Proves to be a Death Trap for Workmen

Ten Dead Bodies Have Already Been Taken Out of the Mine - Men at the Mouth of the Mine Killed

Chattanooga, Tenn. March 31. At 4:45 o'clock this afternoon an explosion of gas in the Nelson Mine of the Dayton Coal and Iron Company at Dayton, ignited the dry coal dust in the mine and caused a terrific explosion. Twenty-two men are [illegible] to be dead. Ten bodies have been recovered. Twelve bodies are still in the mine.

The Dead.

James Franklin
Tom Shavel
James Harris
P. G. Travis, white
George Gruss
Ben Griffin
Reese Dean
Norris Piersol
Morgan Smith
John Robinson, all colored
Lark Hunter, white
John Harney, white
J. E. Hill, colored
Mack Foust, colored
Alex Toffer, white
Six others, names unknown

Fatally Injured.

W. T. Head, brother of James Head, superintendent of the mine, burned internally, will die

Seriously injured.

James Riley, white, right leg broken, bruised about the head and face
Will Presnell, white, badly burned
Arthur Hughes, white
George Wafford, colored
Tom Cummins, white
Henry Gonyon, white

The Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA 1 Apr 1902