Chattanooga, TN Drowning, May 1901

Dead Body Found in Water.

Chattanooga, Tenn., May 8.---(Special)---The dead body of Emma Mossey, a negro woman, wife of a well-to-do negro molder, who disappeared from home ten days ago, was found floating in the river today. Mossey says the woman was demented and ran away and drowned herself.

The Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA 4 May 1901


In 1901, yes....

In 1901, yes the woman would have been and was identified as a Negro. Had she of been Italian, Polish, German of any other ethnic descent, that would have been reported by the newspaper. Newspaper of the time often referred to Poles, Italians, Chinese, etc., using race and ethnicity as an identifier.

Our transcribers type it the way it was written. It may not always be politically correct - or reflect the thinking of the 21st century, but it was the way it was reported when the newspaper came out - in this case in 1901.

Not necessary

Why is it necessary to identify this woman as a negro? A life is a life regardless of race. This is the first time in my life that I have ever seen a tragic accident happened and the report refers to race. Am I living in reverse? I had to check the date on this article to be sure that it wasn't written in the 40's, 50's or 60's. If it's something that I am missing here, Please accept my apology.