Harriman and Oakdale, TN Emory Valley Flood, Mar 1902


Knoxville, Tenn., March 30---The loss by the flood which swept the Emory valley Saturday may reach nearly a million dollars in Roane and Morgan counties. At Harriman the loss is estimated between $55,000 and $125,000. It is thought the damage to one plant in that city will amount to $75,000.

At Oakdale the local loss is not more than $15,000 but on farms along the Emory river it is feared the greatest destruction has been wrought.

The flooded section of Harriman presented a desolate appearance today. Marks of the flood are plainly to be seen and the whole county presents a devasted appearance. The city's light plant cannot be operated for a week or more. The majority of the homeless are housed in the gymnasium of the American Temperance university.

Hundreds of men worked today repairing railroad trestles and bridges and the Southern railway expects to get trains through tomorrow. On the Knoxville and Ohio branch tonight the Southern was able to send through its train to Louisville.

The State, Columbia, SC 31 Mar 1902