Bledsoe, TN Train Wreck, Jun 1889

Frightful Accident on the Chesapeake & Nashville.

Nashville, Tenn., June 27. -- Quite a serious accident occurred on the Chesapeake & Nashville Railroad yesterday at Bledsoe. The morning train due at Gallatin at ten o'clock was skimming along for its destination, when the baggage car, freight and postal cars jumped the track and fell down an embankment, about fifty feet. Henry Peacock, postal clerk, and Conductor E. B. Buck jumped and escaped without injury. Peacock Jumped, and managed to crawl back toward the track when the coach with fourteen passengers passed over him without touching him.

The car turned over three times before landing at the bottom. The passenger coach contained about fourteen passengers, and all were hurt more or less.

When the bottom was reached the roof of the car was torn off, and women, children and seats were piled in one common mass. No one was killed outright, but it is feared two or three are so badly injured they will die. Several of the wounded were brought to Gallatin last evening, and medical aid summoned. None of the employes at the road were hurt. The accident was caused from carelessness on the part of the road.

Among the injured are Mrs. Sis Clayborne, of West Moreland, also four children, on of which is dying. Mrs. Clayborne received bruises about the head and face. Mrs. A. L. Grant, of Westmoreland, had her collar bone broken, and her two children were injured, Henry Crabtree, of Westmoreland, was badly injured and his physician, Dr. J. B. Hanna, thinks he will die. Mrs. Whiteside, W. E. Bryant, of Scottsville, Ky., had several ribs broken. C. B. Coe and S. B. Smith, of Washington, Ky., were both slightly injured.

Daily Republican, Decatur, IL 27 Jun 1889