Gatlinburg, TN (near) B-29 Crashes, June 1946

A B-29 Similar to the one that crashed


Gatlinburg, Tenn., June 12. -- (AP) -- An Army 3d Air Force B-29 Superfortress crashed into a towering peak in the rugged Great Smoky mountains national park, near the Tennessee-North Carolina line, killing the 12 men aboard.
Park Superintendent BLAIR ROSS, who went to the scene of the crash, said the wreckage of the huge craft was strewn over "an acre or more of ground."
The huge craft, enroute from Chicago to MacDill Field, Fla., on a night navigational flight, was last reported over Knoxville, about 45 miles northeast of here, at 2:16 a.m.
The bodies of the 12 airmen were all burned or badly crushed and have been moved to mortuaries at Sevierville and Maryville, ROSS reported.
The superintendent said nothing unusual had been reported about the weather in the park last night or early this morning, but he pointed out that fogs and low clouds were frequent in this section.

Charleston Gazette West Virginia 1946-06-13



My wife's father was on that B29. Reid I have been trying to find the location for some time but have not found enought info to try and locate area. Any info that you might have that would help me locate the site would be appreciated. I have the Army Air Force info, but it does not give me any GPS info that would help me. I have a pile of info, and some photos that are about wiped out from age.

B29 Crash

Hi Kevin, I live in Tellico Plains TN, and I have been to this crash sight many years ago. If you are still interested, e-mail me


Kevin and I are cousins, my father grew up with Jack and Les McElwee. He speaks often and so fondly of Jack - losing him was a massive blow to the entire family. If you believe that the wreckage found was from that plane, I would love to have a cross made for my Dad, Ray McKenna. Please let me know if that is possible.
Dad says Kevin looks a lot like Jack. Today is Memorial Day 2013 and naturally, we think of Jack on this day every year.

B-29 Crash

My Uncle was also on that plane doing research please contact.
I am named after him born after his death.

B-29 Crash, June 12, 1946

While doing some research on the web, I found your brief comment about your uncle being on the fated B-29. I am sorry for your loss. I lost an uncle as well. He was piloting a B-17 that went down over the North Sea, during the air war over Britain. My son is now a navy pilot who flies the C-130 all over the world. Anyway, my wife and I frequently hike in the Smoky Mountains and over the past decade or so, have found wreckage and one of the turbine cores of an F-15 Eagle that crashed in January of 1992. No one was seriously injured, as the pilot had time to eject. The bits and pieces I bring back I transform into polished jewelry--necklaces, crosses, earrings, etc. A few months ago, an acquaintance was hiking near Clingman's Dome, and found scraps of wreckage that he couldn't identify. I assume it came from your uncle's plane. I would be honored to make something for you as a keepsake. No charge of course. I like to remind people of the courage and valor of many who serve is quiet but heroic ways. Please let me know if you would be interested. Again, I'm sorry for your loss.

Sincerely, Bob Reddig

My Uncle was on this plane,

My Uncle was on this plane, if any one has more information, it would be appreciated.
2nd Lt John R McElwee of East Orange NJ