Hillsboro, TX Fire, Mar 1883


A Destructive Fire--Detailed Losses and Insurance.

[Special Telegram to The News.]
Hillsboro, March 12.-Our town was visited by another destructive fire last night. The following is the estimated value of property destroyed, with names of parties and amounts of insurance; H. P. Harrington, loss $8000; C. W. Ernst, loss $2400, insurance $1700; A. A. Hughes & Co., loss $2000, insurance $1000; Hawkin & Larry, loss $1200, insurance $800; - Perkins, loss $800, no insurance; L. J. Sturgis, loss $1400, insurance $700; J. J. Sweeney, loss $200. no insurance; Sam Frowell, loss $500, no insurance; J. S. Mills, loss $1000, no insurance; T. B. Smith, loss $1500, no insurance; S. Booth, loss $150, no insurance; D. Derden, loss $1000, insurance $500; A. W. Susan, loss $500, insurance $250; W. J. Reviere, loss $250, no insurance; W. A. Harrison, loss $200; no insurance; E. and H. M. Sturgis, loss $800, insurance $800.

The fire was discovered about 12 m., (sic) and in one hour all of the buildings from Sweeney’s blacksmith shop, on Elm Street, to the Mills house, on Waco Street, except the rock walls of the Mills livery stable, were destroyed. All the buildings were frame, with the above exception.

Galveston News, Galveston, TX 15 Mar 1883