Dallas, TX Auto Accidents, Mar 1931

Five Persons Hurt In Auto Accidents.

Snow and rain which swept Dallas streets Sunday caused traffic accidents in which five persons were injured.

Two were injured in an automobile wreck on the Kaufman road. Carl C. Bragg, 2206 King's Road, sustained a sprain of the right ankle, and Miss Sallie Piersella, 20, of 506 West Twelfth street, sustained a fracture of the left arm.

Miss Mattie Willis, 26, of 5458 Bonita avenue, was cut about the face and arms when the automobile in which she was riding and an outbound Denison interurban collided at Cantegral and Live Oak streets. She was treated at St. Paul's Hospital. The interurban was in charge of Motorman W. P. Harper and Conductor C. O. Scott.

Howard Teitch, Palestine merchant, was cut on the right thigh in an automobile wreck early in the day.

C. B. Mitchell of Wichita Falls was cut on the head in a car wreck at Orange and Patterson streets.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 2 Mar 1931