Humble, TX Oil Tank Fire, Jul 1905


Millions of Barrels of Oil on Fire in Texas.

Humble, Tex. --- Fire started Sunday in a tank belonging to the Texas Oil company, caused by lightning striking the oil. The fire was held under control all the afternoon, but began to spread towards night. At 10:30 Sunday night eleven of the twelve great tanks were ablaze, and over one million barrels of oil consumed.

Fifty men are surrounded by the flames, and their fate is unknown, One hundred teams are know to be cremated, and a number of families have been burned out of house and home.

At 1:20 o'clock the fire was still beyond control, all the tanks of the Texas company having caught. Loss of lift among the men handling the teams is reported, but, cannot be verified. There will be considerable loss of property besides that of the oil, which in itself may run up to three or four million barrels, worth $250,000 per million barrels.

Box Elder County Utah 1905-07-27