Grand Saline, TX Airplane Crash, Aug 1930

Man Killed in Plane Crash

Two Others Badly Hurt as Dallas Ship Falls at Grand Saline.

Special to The News.

GRAND SALINE, Texas, Aug. 17
Jewll Phillips, 21, Grand Saline youth, is dead and R. B. Kuteman, 31, pilot of Dallas, and Polk Dickerson, 19, of Grand Saline, are expected to die from injuries received Sunday afternoon when an airplane in which they were flying crashed at the airport here during an air circus. Phillips dies at 7:15 p. m.

Onlookers at the field said the plane, an open cockpit ship, suddenly nose-dived from a height of 300 feet and was demolished as it struck the ground.

The three men were unconscious when they were dragged from the wreckage. Kuteman's chest was crushed and Phillips and Dickerson suffered internal injuries. They were taken to a hospital here.

Three Planes in Party.

Three airplanes comprised the flight which took off from Love Field airport Saturday to put on the flying circus at Grand Saline Sunday. Roy Taylor, former owner of the North Texas Flying School; H. H. Campbell and Luther Thomas and Tuffey Steele, young mechanic, were members of the party, along with Robert Kuteman.

A Department of Commerce inspector will go to the scene of the crash early Monday. L. H. Luckey, pilot for Dallas Aviation School, will fly the inspector to Grand Saline, where an investigation will be made.

Mr. Kuteman held a transport license and had been flying for three years. His ship was a new American Eagle, powered with a Kinner motor and was considered airworthy.

An ambulance was sent from Dallas Sunday night to bring Mr. Kuteman to Dallas for treatment.

The Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 18 Aug 1930