Austin, TX (near) Air Force Bomber Crash, Jan 1957


Austin, Tex. (AP) -- Six crewmen died last night when a B29 aerial tanker crashed and burned while landing at nearby Bergstrom Air Force Base. Three others were injured, none seriously.
The plane crashed while nearing the ground after a refueling mission, hurling four crewmen out of the flaming wreckage. Five men were killed instantly and a sixth died later in the base hospital.
The Air Force identified the victims as:
Lt. RONALD ROSETTI, 24, son of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred R. Rudolph, Paterson, N.J.
Lt. ROBERT E. SMITH, 23, son of Mrs. Jeanne Gray, San Antonio, Tex.
Sgt. EDWARD CLIFFORD CLEMMONS, 29, son of Mr. and Mrs. Clifford B. Clemmons, Beckley, W. Va.
Sgt. THOMAS SALAZAR, 24, son of Mrs. Mary Salazar, Uvaldo, Tex.
A.2C. MICHAEL BRYAN McINTOSH, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry David McIntosh, Houston, Tex.
Lt. DON ANDERSON BERG, son of Robert L. Berg, Birkenfeld, Ore.
BERG died four hours after the crash.
The wreckage burned two hours before fire fighters could extinguish the blaze.
Newsmen and photographers were barred from the scene immediately for security reasons.
An airman returning from the scene said, however, that the plane was demolished.
"It's in so many pieces, it's all over the place," he said.
Air Force spokesmen said ROSETTI was the aircraft commander and was piloting the plane. BERG, who died in the hospital, was the co-pilot.
CLEMMONS and McINTOSH were boom operators for the refueling mechanism.

The Abilene News-Reporter 1957-01-11


I helped pickup parts next

I helped pickup parts next day.I was airman second class stationed at bergstrom 1955-1958.

1957 Crash near Austin

Dear Stu, Do you have the names of the survivors from this crash? Thank you.

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Death of Sgt Thomas Salazar

Thank You for posting this information. I was told that I was named after an Uncle of mine who died in a plane crash (Sgt Thomas Salazar) that served in the Air Force. I was fortunate enough to meet Grandmother Mary Salazar before she passed away. It's interesting & touching to see a record with a date of this event.

Tommy Martinez
Waldorf, MD