Cabaniss Field, TX Navy Plane Crash, May 1959


Three Navy men aboard a twin engine S2F Tracker were killed when the plane crashed and burned about 3:15 p.m. yesterday while approaching a runway at Cabaniss Field.
The plane crashed on the farm of MRS. S. A. SIMELK. Two years ago a single-engine plane crashed at almost the same spot.
Dead are:
Lt. GEORGE F. MORROW, 29, an instructor in Advanced Training Unit 611.
Ensign ERWIN M. NUCKOLS, 23, a student pilot.
Naval Cadet GARY R. KEASLING, 22.
NUCKOLS and KEASLING were making familiarization flights. It is not known which man was flying the plane.
MRS. JAMES DODSON, of Rt. 3, said she was driving down Chapman Ranch Road toward town, when she saw the plane flying low over a field. Then a wing dipped, the plane struck and burst into flames.
A Navy enlisted man witnessed the crash. He said the plane appeared to be making a normal approach except that it was too low.
MORROW'S wife, SALLIE, and a son, DIXON, 2, live at 4505 Totten. His parents, Lt. Col. and Mrs. George L. Morrow, live in Kerrville.
NUCKOLS' wife, MARJORIE, lives at 1433 Paige Place. His parents, Dr. and Mrs. Erwin M. Nuckols, live in Stauton, Va.
KEASLING, son of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd E. Keasling, was from Harvard, Neb.

Corpus Christi Times Texas 1959-05-13