Taslet, TX Coast Guard Bomber Crash, Dec 1945


Forth Worth, Dec. 18 -- (AP) -- Six men lost their lives this afternoon when a U.S. Coast Guard patrol bomber, one engine missing and the second throwing oil, crashed in a field 14 miles north of here.
The U.S. Naval air stationi at Dallas said the plane, flying westward through the heavy overcast, had aboard two coast guard pilot officers, two coast guard enlisted men and two army enlisted men. The ship had taken off from the Coast Guard base at Biloxi, Miss., and had obtained clearance to El Paso, the Navy said.
Four hours after the twin-engined PBY 42 dropped down in a steep dive, struck the ground and burst into flames, three bodies had been recovered Naval regulations do not permit identity of plane crash victims to be divulged until next of kin have been notified.
The Eagle Mountain Lake Marine air station said the stricken ship had broadcast a call that one engine was not functioning and that oil was leaking badly from the second shortly before 12:30 p.m. That was the approximate time fixed for the crash.
HARRY WHITE, JR., and his father, who witnessed the crash from their farm home near Taslet, said the plane was not afire when it was seen dropping out of the low clouds, apparently headed north. WHITE, JR., said the ship was in a steep dive before it struck the ground.
Two of the victims are:
Lieut. VAUGHN E. SALISBURY, pilot, son of Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Salisbury, Warrensburg, Mo.
Aviation Machinist Mate 2C GEORGE L. PROFFITT, Oakland, California.

The Abilene Reporter News Texas 1945-12-19



The name of the town 10 miles north of Ft. Worth is Haslet, not Taslet