Bowie, TX air force F111A crash, Oct 1967

Near Bowie

AF Report On Crash Being Held

Washington Bureau of The News

WASHINGTON - The Air Force said Thursday it definitely will not disclose findings of a government board of inquiry into the crash last Oct. 19 west of Bowie, Montague County, of an F111A.

The two crewmen of the plane ejected safely. The F111 is built by General Dynamics in Fort Worth. Five of the Air Force versions like the plane that crashed last October are now flying combat missions in Vietnam.

Soon after the crash, the Air Force said it hoped to make public the results of the investigation board although such results are not normally divulged.

Thursday an Air Force spokesman said, "cause factors of the accident as determined by the accident investigation board are privileged information and are not releaseable."

In all, four F111s have crashed and crash causes have not yet been released for any of them.

Two crewmen were killed in an accident on takeoff a year ago on Long Island where the escape mechanism on the plane failed.

Another pilot died in an F-111 accident at Edwards Air Force Base, Calif.

Last January, the fourth crash occurred on another test flight at Edwards but both crewmen bailed out safely.

The Air Force said Thursday it was still seeking special clearances to release the investigation report on that latest crash.

The Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 29 Mar 1968