Texas City, TX chemical plant fire, May 1953

Blaze Doused At Texas City

TEXAS CITY, Texas, May 22 (AP). - Flickering flames broke out Friday nighyt in a section of the sprawling Monsanto Chemical Company plant here which was rebuilt following the disastrous Texas City explosion of 1947. But quick-working firemen snuffed out the small blaze in just twelve minutes.

Nobody was killed. The only person hospitalized was a worker treated for heat exhaustion. He was released.

Plant Manager H. K. Eckert estimated damage at $1,000 to $1,500.

The fire provided uneasy minutes for explosion-conscious Texas City citizens when it broke out a [sic] 7:40 p.m. in a section of the plant which the plant fire department had the flames extinguised by 7:52.

Eckert said an investigation would start immediately to find what caused the fire.

The blaze occurred in the "old plant" - a section rebuilt following the death-dealing Texas City explosions of 1947. Since it was rebuilt a new 50 million dollar expansion has been completed.

The Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 23 May 1953