San Antonio, TX Flying School Cadets Killed in Air Crash, Aug 1930


Students in Nine-Ship Formation at Time of Accident.

Two flying cadets of the Advanced Flying School at Kelly Field were instantly killed when their planes collided and crashed about three miles southwest of Von Ormy Monday morning.
Cadets Robert Lee Scott of Bethany, Ill., and Donald DeWitt Campbell of Anadarke, Okla., both 23 years old, were flying in nine-ship attack formation at an altitude of about 300 feet as a regular part of the attack training. In making a “cross over turn,” a difficult maneuver, Scott’s plane in the second “element” of the formation, collided with Campbell’s in the leading “element” and both plunged to the earth. Both planes were completely demolished, but did not burn.
Both students had entered Kelly Field in the July class from March Field, Cal. Scott was a graduate of the University of Illinois, and was born in Florence, Ala. His parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Scott, reside in Bethany. Campbell had completed three years at Oklahoma University before entering the primary training school at March Filed. His parents, Dr. and Mrs. George C. Campbell, live in Anadarke.
Final funeral arrangements have not been completed, but the body of Cadet Campbell will be taken to Arnadarke Tuesday morning with a student from Kelly Field as escort. Funeral services for Cadet Scott will probably be held at Kelly Field chapel Tuesday afternoon, with Chaplain Edwin Burling officiating and the body will he taken to Bethany for burial, leaving Tuesday night with a student as escort.

San Antonio Express, San Antonio, TX 19 Aug 1930