Weatherford, TX Bombers Collide, Aug 1945


Alamogordo, N.M. (AP) -- Names of 18 airmen killed in a collision of two Superfortress bombers over Weatherford, Texas, Friday night were announced by the Alamogordo Air Base Saturday.
The bombers were from Alamogordo and Clovis Army air fields.
The dead and next of kin:
From Alamogordo Field:
First Lt. AUBREY K. STENSON, Airplane Commander, Caneyville, Ky., mother, Mrs. Hattie N. Stenson.
Second Lt. HAROLD N. SWAIM, Co-Pilot, Wichita Falls, Texas, father, James F. Swaim.
Second Lt. GORDON E. MYERS, Navigator, Kansas City, Mo., wife, Mrs. Gordon E. Myers.
Second Lt. BENSON W. COHEN, Bombardier, Bronx, N.Y., father, Robert J. Cohen.
Second Lt. EDWARD E. LAHMERS, Flight Engineer, Decatur, Ill., wife, Mrs. Frances N. Lahmers.
Sgt. DONALD E. LEFEBURE, Radar Operator, Detroit, Mich., mother, Mrs. May A. Lefebure.
Sgt. JOHNNY A. MOSELY, Fire Control, Columbia, S.C., wife, Mrs. Harriet Mosely.
Sgt. DONALD E. REED, Gunner, Tyrone, Pa., mother, Mrs. Tressa C. Reed.
Sgt. CLARENCE A. JURGENS, Gunner, Sidney, Neb., wife, Mrs. Marie E. Jurgens.
From Clovis Field:
First Lt. ROBERT A. MAYER, Airplane Commander, Buffalo, N.Y., father, William F. Mayer.
Second Lt. ROBERT L. KNIGHT, Bombardier, Mount Vernon, Wash., wife, Mrs. Maxine B. Knight.
Second Lt. JOHN W. BURTIS, Navigator, St. Paul, Minn., wife, Mrs. John W. Burtis.
Flight Officer ROBERT Q. ZALISKA, Radar Operator, Los Angeles, father, Robert Q. Zaliska.
Sgt. CLIFFORD D. LONGMIRE, Engineer, Columbus, Ga., mother, Mrs. Annie Bell Longmire.
Cpl. ROBERT M. APARIAN, Radio Operator, Waterbury, Conn., father, Samuel C. Aparian.
Cpl. JASPER C. WILSON, JR., Gunner, Durham, N.C., mother, Mrs. Lela W. Wilson.
Cpl. WILLARD A. BYARLY, Gunner, Chicago, father, Charles A. Byarly.
Cpl. ANTHONY J. AGLIATA, Gunner, Newark, N.J., father, Vincent Agliata.
Two fliers parachuted but were injured and are at Camp Wolters Hospital, Mineral Wells, Texas.
They were identified as Flight Officer EDWIN F. SMITH, Co-Pilot, Glasgow, Ky., and Cpl. EARL E. WISCHMEIER, Gunner, West Burlington, Iowa.
Many persons at Weatherford became hysterical and ran screaming through the streets when the two bombers collided high over town, burst into flames and crashed.
The explosion shook Weatherford. The skies were full of pieces of burning planes. The glare was seen 20 miles away.
Airmen taking to parachutes descended slowly, then hurtled to the ground as their chutes ignited and turned into blobs of fire.
Six fliers crawled from a burning plane onto a wing. The wing broke off. Six bodies were found under it.

The Paris News Texas 1945-08-19