Galveston, TX Fire, Dec 1869

Four Blocks Burned And Two Damaged in Galveston, Texas

GALVESTON, Texas, Dec. 3 -- A destructive fire occurred this morning, consuming four entire blocks and three-fourths of two other blocks. The fire originated in the clothing establishment of COHEN Brothers, at the corner of Strand and Fremont streets. A high wind from the northwest prevailed, and the flames swept in a southerly direction, burning three blocks on Fremont street, between Strand and Post Office streets, and three blocks between Mechanic and Church streets and West and Twenty-fourth streets, with the exception of the stores of T. E. THOMPSON, SAMUEL HANLOU, J. REINSTEIN, R. F. GEORGE, W. F. GROSSMAYER, the Texan Express office, J. M. CONGER, PRICE & TERRY, C. H. JORDAN and MR. BERBACKER. A building on Mechanic street, which was unoccupied, and DENNIS WEILS' residence, were the only residences saved on that thoroughfare.
GALVESTON, Texas, Dec. 3 -- Evening -- About fifty business firms and shopkeepers were burned out by the fire this morning. The Merchant's Mutual Insurance building, a theatre, and the Metropolitan Hotel was destroyed. The loss is variously estimated at from $1,000,000 to $1,500,000.

The New York Times New York 1869-12-04