Trinity, TX Fire, Feb 1909

Early Morning Blaze Damages Trinity $100,000

South Texas Town Is Heavy Loser By Fire.

Believed to Have Been Started by Incendiary-One Woman Injured While Leaving Hotel.

Special To The News.
Trinity, Tex., Feb. 22.-About 3 o’clock this morning fire caused a loss of more than $100,000.

The fire started in the northeast end of the Holland House. There were about 100 guests in the hotel, but they all escaped. All however, lost their effects. Mrs. Showaiter was severely burned, but will recover. It is the belief of the proprietor of the Holland the fire was the work of an incendiary.

From the Holland House, which was speedily consumed the flames reached across the street to the dwellings and stores of J.C. Mansels, C.A. Billman, F.P. Parker, C.H. Elliotts, Maldron & Richards, Walker Drug Store, Holcomb House, Stanley Hotel and post office.

The losses sustained are as follows:
Dr. Mansell, damage $5,000, insurance $2,500; Ramy & Ramy, damage $400, insurance $225; W.A. Bell, damage $9,000, insurance $1,900; Ben Gibson, damage $7,500, insurance $3,600; R.L. Arnold, damage $500, no insurance; C.H. Elliott, damage $1,200, insurance $9,500; Mrs. Bright, millinery, insurance $1,000, damage $1,500; post office, all fixtures saved; E.R. Smith, damage $1,000, no insurance; H.A. Maldrom, damage $7,500, insurance $4,500; John B. Peyton, damage $800, insurance $350; B. Richards, damage $8,000, insurance $4,000; F.H. Parker, damage $3,000, insurance $1,000; C.A. Bilman, damage $900, insurance $500; Holland House, damage $7,500, insurance $6,500; I.N. Parker, damage $1,000, no insurance; Abe Frisby, damage $50, no insurance; Baptist Church, damage $2,500, no insurance; Satterwhite, damage $200, no insurance; State Bank, damage $2,500, insurance $1,900.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 23 Feb 1909