Abilene, TX Trash Truck Flips Over, Jul 1972

City Employe (sic) Is Injured When Truck Flips Over

A 38-year-old Abilene city employe (sic) underwent emergency surgery on his leg in Hendrick Memorial Hospital Monday afternoon after he was injured when the truck he was driving flipped over, pinning him inside, at the U.S. 80 and Treadaway traffic circle.

Edward E. PENNEY of 4817 N. 7th was listed in satisfactory condition late Monday after the surgery.

The Accident occurred about 10 a.m. Monday as PENNEY was driving north around the circle. He was driving a city refuse disposal truck loaded with a 60,000-pound load.

There were no other vehicles involved in the accident, said Sgt. Shelby FRACHER of Abilene Police Department. “PENNEY apparently hit the line of white lane divider bumps in the middle of the road. It doesn’t take much speed with a load that heavy that’s tilting.”

PENNEY was thrown through the cab windshield when it turned over and his right foot was pinned between the seat and the left door of the truck.

A Hendrick doctor was called to the scene during the hour-long efforts to free the victim, but PENNEY declined any sedatives. The doctor said he was not bleeding, but appeared to be in shock.

“I said I had a hypo for him (about 11 a.m.) but he said ‘not now,’” the doctor said.

PENNEY’S wife was brought to the scene but waited in the police safety cruiser while emergency units worked frantically to remove her husband.

The Victim was freed shortly before 11:30 a.m. after workers had cut away most of the seat. A winch truck was brought in and pulled the door away enough to allow the leg to be pulled out from between the seat.

Although remaining conscious and surprisingly calm, PENNEY let out two or three yells of pain as workers slightly shifted the cab with wreckers and crowbars.

Capt. James Pogue of the Fire Department, who spent practically the whole time at the side of the victim said, “His right leg was hurting him but other than that he was standing it real good.”

Traffic around the circle was rerouted as the overturned truck blocked the U.S. 80 entrance to the circle.

Abilene Reporter News, Abilene, TX 1 Aug 1972