Freeport, TX Chemical Plant Explosion, Oct 1960


Freeport (AP) -- Five men suffered fatal injuries and 12 others were hurt Monday when a piece of equipment blew up and started a fire at the Dow Chemical Co.
ROBERT HUBBARD, 36, of nearby Lake Jackson died today of the effects of chlorine gas. Others killed were FRANK SMALLEY, 41; GEORGE MEHIS, 39; CHARLES CONN, 39; and HOWARD WALKER, 45, all of Freeport or vicinity.
The company said a rupture in a vapor feeder to a distillation column at its No. 1 glycerine plant caused the blast and fire, localized in the chloride unit of the plant.
The fire was brought under control in about 30 minutes.
Damage was estimated by Dow Chemical at about $100,000. About 50 men were at work in the plant.
Still listed as critically hurt was J. W. WADE. Less
seriously hurt were C. L. PALMER; R. L. JORDAN, an employe for a sub-contractor working in the plant; and ULAS DUNLAP, another employe
for a contractor doing construction work.

Amarillo Globe Times Texas 1960-10-25