New Boston, TX Military Plane Crash, Jun 1951

Lightning Hits Plane, 10 Killed

NEW BOSTON, Tex., June 3 (AP) – A Flying Box Car roared out of the clouds Sunday, disintegrated as horrified citizens watched, and became a flaming pyre for its 10 passengers.

The C-82 exploded directly over this city and bored a burning hole into a cow pasture near Boston 2 ½ miles to the west.

“I saw it falling apart in the sky,” said MRS. C. W. JONES, in whose pasture it fell.

Wreckage was scattered for a mile and a half around as the wings and tail flew apart.

PAT OGLESBY said lightning struck the plane.

“I heard an explosion and saw lightning at the same time,” he said.

The CAA at Texarkana said the plane was from Campbell Air Force Base at Hopkinsville, Ky.

It had called the CAA with a position report and flight plan to Fort Sill, Okla., at 1:26 p. m. (CST), shortly before it plunged from the sky.

“I heard the roar of the plane just as it feathered its props,” said Marine Sgt. JAMES OWENS.

“Then it just fell apart. It reminded me of my days in Korea. It was horrible.”

MRS. JONES said the plane did not appear to catch fire before it struck the ground.

OGLESBY said the plane's motors seemed to be at full throttle as it came out of the clouds nose first.

“From all appearances someone way trying to bail out, but I couldn't tell for sure. The fuselage fell straight into the ground, and it made a hole you could bury an ambulance in,” OGLESBY said.

OGLESBY, a mechanic at the Red River arsenal, and JOHNNY BEVILL said the plane burned so fiercely that they couldn't get the bodies out for 30 minutes.

The Abilene Reporter-News Texas 1951-06-04


Plane Crash at New Boston, texas june 1951

I saw the plane come out of the stormy sky, one wing was broken back and engines were screaming full throttle, the plane hit the ground and exploded like a bomb, later at the crash site there was a huge hole in the ground, and airplane parts scattered around. 10 souls on board with no survivors. Before the place crashed I had heard a noise that sounded like a mule or horse kicking inside a ten barn,from where that first noise came parts of the plane started floating out of the stormy clouds after the plane had crashed, I personally think the plane had hit a tornado that hadn't formed to come to the ground yet, and that is what tore the plane up before it came out of the clouds.