Rotan, TX Bomber Crashes, Jan 1947


Rotan, (AP) -- Two persons were killed while six others parachuted to safety as an army B-29 Super-bomber crashed and burned nine miles southwest of Rotan early yesterday afternoon.
Three crewmen were injured.
The plane was being ferried from Smoky Hill Army Airfield at Salina, Kas., to the Pyote, Texas, army air field.
Lieut. E. R. HENNINGSEN of Salina, pilot, said the crash was caused by a propeller shaft that came off and cut into the fuselage, resulting in loss of control of the plane.
Army air forces officials at Salina listed the dead as:
First Lieut. LEONARD J. DAVENPORT, Ithaca, N.Y.
T-Sgt. BASIN L. JOSEPH, Salina, Kas.
The injured were:
First Lieut. ELMER R. HENNINGSEN, Salina.
First Lieut. PAUL C. TAYLOR.
Other survivors were:
Lieut. MOODY E. DEATON, Denison, Texas.
Lieut. RICHARD L. JARRISON, Hemet, Calif.
The crash was witnessed by Lester Hardin, a farmer. Hardin said "the propeller seemed to knock off part of the tail. The plane caught fire and when it crashed there was an explosion."
Wreckage was scattered over an area 400 yards long and 100 yards wide.

The Paris News Texas 1947-01-21


B-29 crash

Hello, my husband was in the first gradw at Hobbs and was out for recess the day the plane crashed. he says they first thought it was balloons coming from the plane when they bailed out. He also remembers one of them landing in the back of a pickup truck across the street from the school. He said the crash actually cracked several windows in the school. he rememebers your family's farm and going to see the crash site. Thinking about making a trip to the area I have heard him talk about Hobbs, Rotan and Synder and the Double Mountins so much. His parents were sharecroppers and he was born in Synder. Are you still at the property where the crash happened?

Elmer R. Henningsen

Mr. Sam Henningsen would you please contact me at the above email. If you are willing I would like to get more information about your fathers military service.

Thank you very much for your consideration.

Chester Campbell

Elmer R. Henningsen

Hello, my name is Chester Campbell. I have been researching this crash for a few years now. I am trying to get information on each member of the crew. Would you be willing to email me and exchange information?

I look forward to your reply. I am in contact with families of other members of the crew.

Thank you very much.
Chester Campbell
Tucson, Arizona

B-29 Crash

You have one name incorrect: It is 1st Lt. Richard L. Garrison not "Jarrison". This is the name given in the the original Army Air Crop Crash Investigation Report.

Rotan Tx Crash

My father was one of the pilots of this plane. I remember growing up each year at the date of the crash he would discuss it with me. He was very depressed and anguished. He never got over it. Appears one engine failed in flight. The propeller went into a spin until the shaft broke before he and his co pilot were going to set it down- time gave way. It tore a hole behind the cockpit, debri went back and hit other parts of the plane. The order was given to bail, my Dad bailed out through the hole torn in the fuselage after he thought all were out- he could not go back to clear the plane from the gapping hole torn by the debri but I remember him telling me he was shouting all to get out before he bailed. I cannot begin to express my sorrow for your loss and your family, for the other member that lost his life that day. I can assure this event weighed heavy on him for many years, always thinking what he could have done different. I wish I had more to give you. Again, my family and I are so sorry for your loss so many years ago.

B29 Crash near Rotan, TX

My father, Basil L. Joseph was one of the two killed in this crash. I am always seeking information on this event.

thank you

thank you very much for this information.
If you ever find any items that would be considered of a personal nature, i.e. pins, tags, watches, etc ... please try to have them returned to the famlies .. Perhaps I could help you with this ..
thank you

That plane crashed on my

That plane crashed on my familys farm and you can still find pieces of the plane today.