Justin, TX Freight Train Wreck, Dec 1951

Freight Train Wreck Blamed On Drawbar

Justin, Dec. 8 (Spl) – A drawbar was the cause of a rail accident which upset 10 cars of the Sante Fe’s Gainesville bound train south of here at 12:10 p.m. yesterday.

Officials of the Santa Fe said the drawbar between two cars pulled out and fell on the track, causing the pileup of railroad cars, which were loaded with bananas, carbon and cotton.

The cars which were wrecked were followed by tank cars of the Warren Petroleum Company which were loaded with gasoline. Wheels of the first tank car were torn off by the impact, but the car was not overturned and no fire resulted.

The derailment destroyed 250 feet of track. No estimate of the extent of the damage was available.

Regular traffic over the line was rerouted by Decatur.

The train was 80 cars long and was an extra. The derailed cars were in the middle of the train.

Denton Record-Chronicle, Denton, TX 9 Dec 1951