Hempstead, TX Business Section Fire, Apr 1894


Hempstead, Tex., April 15. -- The terrible cry of fire, with the firing of pistols, and an alarm by sounding the locomotive whistles of the yard engines, was started at 9 o'clock tonight. The fire was discovered in the rear of ALFRED SCHWARTZ'S dry goods and grocery store, on the west side of the public square. This was a one-story brick, and the rear building where the fire started was a sheetiron-covered building. The building next on the north belonged to MR. Z. H. HAMMOND, a two-story building occupied by E. HAUSER, hardware, wagons, etc. The cotton gin across the alley on the west, a wooden building, caught fire, and all hopes for a time of saving it were abandoned, but the railroad boys brought the company's fire extinguisher and soon stopped the danger until a line of buckets was formed.
The ALFRED SCHWARZ building was owned by his brother, GEORGE, and was insured. The stock of goods, MR. SCHWARZ states, was valued at $22,000, and his insurance is $10,500.
HAUSER'S stock is almost a total loss. He values it at $7000; insured for $4500.
The building adjoining the HAMMOND building, a one-story brick, belongs to DR. P. S. CLARKE. Two grocery stores, the buildings belonging to MRS. PUNDT of Fayette County, were occupied by MR. SOLOMON; confectionery
store next, T. D. PINCKNEY, and the next on the north by R. R. McDADE as a grocery store. All the latter removed their goods hurriedly and are fully insured for damages.
At this writing, 11 p.m., the prospects are that the double walls of the HAMMOND and CLARKE building will save a further spread of the fire. The fire was, it is thought, of incendiary origin, as no lights or fire had been used in the building since Saturday night.

Galveston Daily News Texas 1894-04-16


Mrs. Pundt

Just wondering if Mrs. Pundt in this article is the same Mrs. Mary (Peter) Pundt that owned the property in 1872 per the Fayetteville County Tax Assessor's roles? If so, she is the former Mrs. Mary (John) Kane and former Mrs. Mary (Julius) Yanch. She would be the first owner of the historic Yanch House in Chappell Hill, Texas. If anyone has additional information, please contact me at danski50ataim.com.