Center, TX Gas Explosion, Dec 1935

Mother and Infant Die, 5 Others Hurt In Etex Explosion

CENTER. Shelby Co., Texas. Dec. 28 (AP).----A gasoline explosion fatally burned MRS. DEWEY BATES, 34, and her infant daughter and injured critically five others Sunday near Joaquin, eighteen miles east of here.

Betty Jo Plunkett, 5, and Mrs. Levon Guy, 26, were not expected to live. Dewey Bates and Levon Guy were burned seriously endeavoring to rescue their wives.

Dick Plunkett, father of the critically burned child, also tried to save his daughter and suffered burns about the hands and arms.

Investigators said Mrs. Bates accidentally poured gasoline from a can into a slowly burning fire of wet wood. She thought the cancontained kerosene, they said. The accident occurred during a holiday party at the home of T. G. Roberts.

The Bates child, 17 months old, died in the fire which followed the explosion. Mrs. Bates died seven hours after the accident in the hospital here.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 29 Dec 1935



this was my grandmother and grandfather, The child was a boy not a girl. Please e-mail me with any photo's of this accident.
thank you

The Bates explosion

Please let me hear from you.
Dewey Bates was my grandfather. This was a terrible accident. I really dont know very much about the accident.

Dewey Bates joaquin texas fire explosion 1935

Please e-mail me information you have on this article as this was my grand mother and uncle who died in this terrible. My father Ray Bates was aout 13 at this time. My grandmother's name was Katie and the child was a boy named gerald. If you have any information of this please call or e-mail. Thank you!
Connie Force