Crush, TX Staged Train Collision, Sep 1896

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ROY HENDRICK, a boy of 11 years of age, of Waco, had his right leg perforated just above the ankle by an iron bolt, making a very ugly wound.
LOUIS BERGSTROM, of Waco, a photographer, sustained slight injuries.
A flying piece of timber was hurled with great force against the breast of CLAUDE ALVERY, a Waco fireman. ALVEY'S injuries were pronounded serious, but not necessarily fatal.
THEODORE MILLERSBERGER, a farmer residing in the vicinity of Crush, watched the trains come together from the treetops. He tumbled to the ground. His left leg was broken, his right hip dislocated and he also sustained an ugly scalp wound.
MRS. OVERSTREET, wife of a neighboring farmer, was another unfortunate, being rendered unconsciious by a blow on the head just above the right ear, making a very ugly scalp wound. It is feared that her skull is fractured.
ERNEST DARNELL, a young man of 19 years, whose home is in Bremond, had his skull crushed.
It was rumored that four or five others had received serious injuries.
There were several physicians on the ground and the injured were given relief immediately.
It was announced that MR. DEAN would lose an eye, but his life was not considered to be in danger.
Young DARNELL'S case was pronounced hopeless. He was taken to Waco on the first train out after the collision.
WILLENBERGER and MRS. OVERSTREET were given every attention. The condition of the former was pronounced precarious and the exact condition of MRS. OVERSTREET could not be ascertained, as she was unconscious for a time, and at first it was announced that life was extinct.
She rallied, however, and was resting easy thirty minutes later.
ROY KENDRICK, aged 12, son of ex-Policeman John Kendrick, is painfully injured in the leg.

Sinking Rapidly.
Waco, Tex., Sept. 16. 1 o'clock a.m. -- EARNEST DARNELL of Bremond, who was wounded in the head by a chain thrown by the explosion of the boiler, is sinking rapidly at the Pacific Hotel.

Galveston Daily News Texas 1896-09-16