Amarillo, TX Live Wire Accident, May 1934

Amarilloan (sic) Electrocute, Two Others Hurt In Mishap

Transformer Skids Into Live Wire Carrying 13,000 Volts; Eighteen-year-old Boy Killed Instantly.

Amarillo, Texas, May 29. – One man was electrocuted and two others were seriously burned shortly before noon today when a transformer they were trying to load onto a truck skidded into a live wire carrying 18,000 volts.

Howard COY, 18, was killed instantly. His brother, Boyd COY, and W. G. STREET, a local contractor and employer of the COY brothers were in a critical condition at local hospitals.

The transformer had been disconnected and placed on skids, preparatory to loading it when the men apparently lost control of it. STREET had contracted to move the transformer to a sub-station in the south part of the city, according to officials of the Southwestern Public Service company. No employe (sic) of the power company was present.

Physicians said the current apparently passed through STREET’S body. There were burns in the palms of his hands and on the soles of his feet.

“I don’t know how it happened,” STREET said. “We were all working. Suddenly there was a flash. I didn’t know anything else until Boyd told me not to move. Someone threw a rope around my foot and pulled me away.”

Power throughout the city was off for 17 minutes.

Abilene Morning News, Abilene, TX 30 May 1934