Round Rock, TX Train Hits Bus, Jan 1927

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When the bus reached the tracks the train was almost upon it, the bus driver turned suddenly parallel and going in the same direction as the train.
The crash came almost instantly. The bus was splintered, tires being thrown in all directions.
The bus had gone 30 yards down the tracks when it was hit. The passengers occupied wicker chairs in the Baylor bus and these chairs were scattered in all directions. The locomotive hit the automobile in the center. The train stopped a short way down the track.

(Unied Press Leased Wire)
Round Rock, Texas, Jan. 22. -- Only three men escaped injury when a fast International and Great Northern passenger train struck a bus load of Baylor University students on a grade crossing, killing 11 here today, according to J. S. Truesdel, who saw the accident.
Truesdel, filling station proprietor, was about 100 yards from the crossing when the speeding locomotive smashed into the big automobile.
"Just before the crash," Truesdel said, "I saw a man jump from the bus. He and two others were the only ones of the students who were not hurt."
"The driver was making about 25 or 30 miles an hour," Truesdel continued.
"As he approached the crossing, he made a desperate attempt to avoid the collision by swerving the big bus to one side."
"But he couldn't make it. The locomotive struck his machine just as he was about one-third of the way across the rails."
"There was a terrific crash and the bus seemed to break up in scores of pieces."
"Bodies of the boys were tossed to one side as the train rushed past the crossing with its brakes grinding."
"I am sure the driver didn't see the train until too late. I think nearly all the boys in the bus knew they were going to be hit, but only one was able to jump to safety."
Truesdel said two bodies were found on the pilot of the locomotive and a third body found beside the track 100 yards from the crossing.
The driver was not seriously injured, according to Truesdel.

List Of Dead And Injured
(Associated Press Leased Wire.)
Austin, Texas, Jan. 22 -- A revised but unofficial list of dead in the accident follows:
Known dead at Taylor or Georgetown:
JAMES "JIMMY" S. WALKER, of Galesville.
L. R. "IVEY" FOSTER, of Taylor.
W. E. MURRAY, of Galesville.
SAM DILLOW, of Fort Worth.
JAMES CLYDE KELLEY, of Waco, captain.
MERLE H. DUDLEY, of Abilene.
BOB HALLEY, of Lott.
BOB HALLEY, of Lott.
Known injured:
EDGAR GOOCH, of Ennis, slightly.
WESLEY BRADSHAW, of Waco, seriously.
J. GORDON BARRY, slightly.
WEIR WASHAM, uninjured.
LOUIS SLADE, uninjured.
RALPH WOLFE, Coach, slightly.
JOHN R. KANE, slightly.
JOE POTTER, slightly.
CECIL S. BEAN, slightly.

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