Dickinson, TX Drowning, May 1923

Body of Girl Is Found In Bayou

Accidental Drowning Verdict Is Returned By Coroner.

After dragging Dickinson Bayou for about thirty minutes yesterday afternoon lifeguards from the coast guard station here discovered the body of GLADYS RACE, 10 years old, who had been missing from her home at Dickinson since Monday evening, and for whom an extensive search was conducted in Dickinson Bayou and environs Tuesday. The body, the upper parts of which were badly disfigured by crabs, was found about thirty feet from the boat pier, near the child’s home, in about fifteen feet of water.

Justice of the Peace W.T. Smith of Friendswood held an inquest and returned a verdict of death from accidental drowning. F.P. Malloy & Son of Galveston held funeral services for the drowned child last night. Her schoolmates covered the grave in the Dickinson Cemetery with wreaths of flowers in token of their sympathy for the little girl’s sad fate.

Her only relatives in Dickinson are her mother and step-father, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Race.

Having conducted a futile search for the child Tuesday, Sheriff R.E. Kirk, who directed the efforts to find her, returned to Dickinson yesterday with two members of the coast guard crew, Ole Olson and Mr. Inderberg, to drag the bayou. Armed with their grappling hooks the lifeguards after thirty minutes of dragging, brought the body to the surface. The discovery of the body was made soon after 2 o’clock.

The explanation generally accepted yesterday of the child’s death was that she had attempted to jump into a boat, missed it and drowned in the deep water. The bayou slopes downward fifteen feet, almost perpendicularly where the drowning occurred.

Gladys was last seen sitting on the doorstep of her home Monday evening about 6 o’clock. Her mother was away. When she returned some time later to find the child gone she became anxious and began a search. Later a boat which the child had used in going to and from school was found drifting down the bayou. The woods in the neighborhood of the home were combed in hopes of finding the child alive. When these efforts failed a systematic dragging of the bayou was undertaken.

Galveston Daily News, Galveston, TX 10 May 1923