College Station, TX Lear Jet Crash, Dec 1985


College Station, Texas (AP) -- Sparks, then a fireball and what appeared to be an explosion preceded the crash of a Lear Jet that killed two people and injured another, one witness said.
The Lear L-35, owned by GTE of the Southwest, a telephone company, crashed at the Texas A&M
University owned airport shortly after takeoff around 7:20 p.m. Thursday, said Lane Stephenson, an A&M spokesman.
The dead were identified at GTE pilot JERRY LaBOID, 43, of San Angelo and company engineer SUSAN O'REAR, 39, of San Angelo, said A. Beamer, Department of Public Safety spokeswoman in Bryan.
The pilot at the time of the crash, WAYNE MELVIN SHORT, 47, of Bedford was in critical condition Friday at St. Joseph's Hospital in Bryan where he was being treated for head and chest injuries, Beaman said.
LaBOID and SHORT were both licensed pilots, said Bob Wiatt, Texas A&M security director.
Stephenson said airport attendant Doug Dunn, who witnessed the accident said, "The plane had just reached takeoff speed and become airborne at about 20 to 30 feet when he heard a pop and then saw sparks from the rear of the plane."

Galveston Daily News Texas 1985-12-14