Waelder, TX Freight Train Collision, Dec 1896


Waelder, Texas -- A terrible wreck occurred on the Southern Pacific, near Waelder, Sunday morning, at 8 o'clock, in which five men were killed. Two fast freight trains came together while going at full speed in a fog, and at the foot of a steep grade in both directions. The eastbound train had orders to wait on a blind siding near Waelder for thre sections of the westbound train. When the second section of the westbound train passed a mistake was made in reading the signals and the eastbound train backed out of the siding and started east at full speed. A dense fog enveloped the two approaching trains, which met in a sag in the road, each train going at a rapid rate of speed to make the opposite grade. Each train carried a crew of five men, half of whom were killed instantly and two others severely though not dangerously injured.
The dead are:
T. P. CODY, engineer, was a cousin of "Buffalo Bill," mangled beyond recognition.
W. H. BROWN, engineer, badly mangled and body severed at the waist.
WILL HOLT, fireman, was a son of Alderman Holt, of San Antonio, mangled and cut in two.
GEORGE ASKINS, fireman, right side of his face mashed and hips and limbs crushed.
WILL HEARD, brakeman.
Brakeman LEWIS, severe bruises about the head.

Shiner Gazette Texas 1896-12-09