Liberty, TX Liberty County Courthouse Fire, Dec 1872

Letter from Liberty.

LIBERTY, Dec. 28, 1872

The courthouse was burned down yesterday from the carelessness of one of the high officers of the county. He built a large fire in his office and went to breakfast. The records and all the papers were mostly destroyed. The county has sustained a loss that never can be repaired. SUBSCRIBER.

Galveston Tri-Weekly News, Galveston, TX 3 Jan 1873


The Liberty courthouse was destroyed by fire on the 15th ult., with all the county records. The loss is estimated at $10.000.

Galveston Tri-Weekly News, Galveston, TX 8 Jan 1873


Liberty Courthouse Fire 1872

Liberty County's fourth courthouse, completed by 1857, was fabricated of brick and financed primarily from the sale of land owned by the town of Liberty. Fire destroyed that courthouse in 1872.