San Antonio, TX Central Hotel fire, Feb 1894



San Antonio, Tex., Feb. 13. - A destructive fire, resulting in a total loss of about $35,000 worth of property, occurred here early this morning. The flames started in the rear of the Central hotel at 3 o'clock, and before the fire department responded that building was doomed. The fire quickly spread to the St. Leonard hotel, which adjoined the Central, and soon obtained such headway that it was impossible to save that structure.

The Central hotel was an old two-stry building and the St. Leonard a three-story structur. Both hotels were filled with guests, many of whom narrowly escaped being burned in their rooms.

Firemen Ed Hargrove and A. Sebastian were bured under falling walls and were seriously injured. They were rescued in about thirty minutes, and both were unconscious for some time. Their injuries are internal.

The new courthouse in process of construction, is situated near the Central hotel, and the stone walls were damaged to the extent of $15,000, with $10,000 insurance in the Norwich Union of England and the London and Lancashire company of London.

The Central hotel loss is about $10,000, with $4000 insurance. The building was owned by L. W. Moore. The St. Leonard hotel was owned by Leonard Garza. It was valued at $25,000 and was insured for $2000. The furniture of the St. Leonard hotel was owned by P. W. Lounsberry, and valued at over $5000, partially insured.

T. B. Allen of Mexico, one of the guests, was seriously injured while escaping from the building. W. D. Swank, another guest, jumped from a second-story window and was seriously injured.

The Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 14 Feb 1894