Dallas, TX farm fire, Jun 1886


A Destructive Fire on Mrs. Carruth's Premises.

Blooded Cattle Cremated.

About 5 p. m. yesterday a fire, from an unknown cause, broke out on the premises of Mrs. William Carruth, six miles North of the city. The flames, fanned by a strong prevailing southeasterly wind, spread rapidly, and great tongues of flames shooting outward through doors and other openings, two other barns were soon in the wasting embrace of the fiery fiend, and all efforts to arrest the progress of which, in the abgsence of proper fire service, were in vain. So rapid was the energy of the fire that it was found impossible to rescue six head of fine graded cattle from one of the barns, and they were cremated after giving expression to their agonies by bellowings which affected all present. The three barns, together with 1000 bushels of corn, 2000 bushels of cotton seed and fifty tons of hay, were totally destroyed, involving a loss of $10,000, which is partly covered by $3000 insurance.

The Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 29 Jun 1886