Jefferson, TX Old Courthouse Fire, Jan 1927

Courthouse Building East Texas Landmark, Burns at Jefferson

JEFFERSON, Texas, Jan. 29.—The first courthouse of Marion County, located on the western outskirts of the city, was destroyed by fire Tuesday at 9 p. m. This building was one of the best-known landmarks of East Texas. It was built in 1874. Bonds were voted and the last of these will be retired in 1945.

The building cost $80,000 and was only used for court purposes at one term of court. The town moved nearer the river and the building was abandoned for several years. Then Colonel Bass conducted a private school there for some years and again it was unused for years. In 1926 it was converted into a Negro school.

The building and contents were entirely destroyed. Only the end walls and the huge columns on the front reaching to the second story are left standing.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 21 Sept 1927