Eastland, TX Courthouse Fire, Nov 1896


Was Almost a Total Loss—One of the Finest in West Texas—The Records Intact.

Cisco, Eastland Co., Tex., Nov. 29—News was telephoned here this morning of the burning of the county courthouse at Eastland. The fire occurred at about 8:30 a. m., originating in County Collector Ramsey’s office, northeast corner room on the ground floor.

It was a three-story stone building of beautiful design, and was built in the early and extravagant days of the county at a cost of $75,000. It was insured for $40,000 in the Traders of Chicago, American Central of St. Louis, Continental of New York, Hartford, Pennsylvania Fire, Orient and Phoenix.

It is a total loss, with the possible exception of some of the stone, as the outer walls are standing, but in just what condition it will doubtless take an expert to determine. The stone jail building, only five feet away, was saved, but is of small value. All records are believed to be intact.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 30 Nov 1896