San Antonio, TX Fire, Feb 1892

Big Fire At San Antonio.

One Hundred Thousand Dollars Is The Loss.

The Courthouse Was in Danger Once or Twice-One of the Sufferers Is a Newspaper.

San Antonio, Tex., Feb. 25.-At 3 o’clock this morning fire was discovered in an ironclad building near the Houston street bridge and before the flames could be confined the entire block from the bridge to Houston Street was destroyed, as well as the two adjacent building on Soledad street.

The fire cleaned out the store of Olsen Bros., furniture dealers, adjoining the bridge. The fire spread to the adjacent property, owned by the Milburn wagon company, the confectionery of Devin & Kuhn, the barbershop of J. Reese a Chinese curiosity shop, Van Alystino & Shacklett’s saloon, Shuther’s news depot, Harrison’s drug store and the Daily Democrat office. The property destroyed was worth about $100,000. The insurance and losses were as follows: Democrat, insurance $600, loss $2500; Guerz & Ferlet, insurance $3000, loss $12,000; Milburn wagon company, insurance $13,000, loss $25,000; Van-Alystine & Shacklett, loss $5000, insurance $3000; Olsen Bros., loss $10,000, insurance $6000; Ross Kennedy, loss $8000, insurance, $1000; Albert Maverick, loss $6000, insurance $5000; Chas.Kuehn & Dovie, loss $1500, insurance $1000; Albert Munson, loss $1000, no insurance; C.M. Barns, loss $150, no insurance; B.F. Johnson, loss $300 damage by water fully covered by insurance; William Winter, loss $150 damage by water, fully covered by insurance.

The courthouse caught fire twice from the sparks and was threatened with destruction, but was saved. The firemen manfully fought the flames in front on Houston street, but made the mistake of not fighting them in the rear on Soledad street and back on the river’s bank.

The Democrat was burned out, lock, stock and barrel, but with the assistance of Mr. Frank Grice of the Express, Mr. Johnson of the Light and Reagan Houston were able to get out their paper and will continue its publication, This fire is one of the largest that has ever occurred here and it has created a devastation which will take some time to repair.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 26 Feb 1892