Lampasas, TX Fire, Aug 1884

Lampasas has a heroine worthy the old days of Texas. The Dispatch says:

During the late fire, when all was confusion, old Mother Gracy stood at the well in her yard and drew bucket after bucket of water to be used at the fire. Seeing a crowd of idle men standing by, she said: “Come here, you trifling, lazy rascals, and carry this water to the fire.” They went to work like bees.

Galveston Weekly News, Galveston, TX 4 Aug 1884


The Lampasas Fire.

Statement of Losses Sustained and insurance, as Far as Known.

[Special to The News.]
Lampasas, August 18.-The following is a statement of the losses and insurance, as near as can be obtained at present, caused by the recent fire.

Malone & Co., dry goods and bankers, loss $50,000; insurance, $37,000.
F.W. Carothers, hardware, loss, $35,000; insurance, $25,000.
A.H. Barnes, building, loss not known.
C.C. Clark, gunsmith, loss, $300; no insurance.
R.D. Crittenden, general merchandise, loss, $12,000; insurance, $8,000.
J.F. Irvine, painters, loss, $300; insurance, none.
S.R. Carothers, printing house, loss $700; insurance, none.
Pickwick saloon, loss, $2000; insurance, $1250.
F.B. Maron, guns and musical instruments, loss $5600; insurance, $2500.
J.A. Mealer, building, loss $1000; insured $600.
J.W. Carroway, groceries, loss $400; insured, none.
Johnny Graham, news dealer, loss, $650; insured, $450.
Lillard Maurd & Foote, real estate, loss $150; insured, none.
Wolfson & Kritzler, saloon, loss $500; insured, $450.
Billy & Joe, saloon, loss $3500.
George W, Stone, personal effects, loss $300; insurance, none.
D.W. Phillips, building and fixtures, loss $3000; no insurance.
J.G. Brown, personal effects, loss $400; no insurance.
J.A. Maddox, fruit dealer, loss $700; insurance $500.
Harry Getty, personal effects, $300; insurance, none.
Adair & Co., butchers, loss $200; insurance, none.
R.W. Greathouse, removal, $700; insurance, $900.
George R. Taylor, livery building, $1500; insurance to cover.
Rosburry & Townsend, livery, $3000; insurance, $1000.
Limman Weaver, buildings, $8000; no insurance.
Eli Griffin, barber, removal, $25; no insurance.
C.H. Davis, fruit, $150; no insurance.
J. Nusbaum, confectionery, $175; no insurance.
Willis & Moore, drugs, removal, $200; insurance to cover.
F.D. Fletcher, removal, $25; no insurance.
S.O. Berry, saloon, removal, $150; no insurance.
W. Kauffman, general merchandise, removal, $500; insurance to cover.
John B. Higdon, residence, removal, $150; insurance to cover.
P. Quitcham, butcher, $500; no insurance.
Jim Geizell, butcher, $500; no insurance.
Blue Front Restaurant, $1100; insurance, $500.
W.G. Barker, furniture, $800; no insurance.
White Elephant saloon building, $5500; insurance, $3000.
Washburn building, $800; insurance, $300.
Jones building, $1000; insurance, none.
Gray hotel, damage, $300; insurance, none.
J.W. Guion building, $3900; no insurance given.
H.C. Davis & Co., groceries, $1600; insurance, none.
S.W. Mellon building, damage, $250; insurance full.
Alvin Anderson buildings, $3500; insurance, $850.
Yates, Noble & Co., general merchandise, $7000;insurance, $1000.
Eckles & Seeman, ice cream; insurance $300.
Brunswick saloon, $2000; insurance $1100.
Redburry, McMillan & Co., building, $6500; insurance to cover.
John Townsend building, $3500; insurance not known.
White Front restaurant, $450; insurance not known.
Bright & Barber, barber, removal, $25; insurance, none.
J.R. Moyers, restaurant, $1000; insurance $750.
Tom Miner, barber, $500; insurance, none.
A.M. Hoss, restaurant, removal, $25; insurance, none.

Other losses are not learned, but all are trying to retrieve their losses again. Malone & Co., bankers, have opened again, and are meeting all debts, their vault and contents coming through the fire all right. The insurance adjusters are busy adjusting claims.

Galveston Weekly News, Galveston, TX 19 Aug 1884