Anahuac, TX Chambers County Courthouse Fire, Apr 1935

Chambers County Courthouse built in 1912

Anahuac Courthouse Destroyed by Fire

GALVESTON, April 29 [sic]-- The courthouse at Anuahac [sic] was burned to the ground shortly after noon today, but all the county records were saved and transferred to the adjoining county jail.

Because of the lack of water, the building could not be saved. Built in 1912, it was valued at $50,000. Judge Guy Jackson was trapped by smoke in an office on the second floor, but was rescued before sustaining an injury.

San Antonio Light, San Antonio, TX 29 Apr 1935



Building Demolished Sunday by Fire

ANAHUAC, April 29. -- A vacant store building was used today in which to carry on Chambers county business as officials sought a means to replace the $50,000 courthouse which burned yesterday.

The fire was discovered on the third floor of the courthouse in time for residents to remove all court records.

County Judge Guy Jackson was overcome by smoke as he carried records to safety. He was dragged out of the building by Jailer Leo Williams.

Records were placed in the county jail.

The county carried $20,000 insurance on the courthouse.

It was believed the fire started because of defective wiring, probably on the third floor of the three-story building. A similar fire destroyed the Chambers county courthouse 40 years ago.

Main problem presented by the blaze was that filing records during this section's oil boom. [sic] Turnover of documents may be delayed, officials intimated.

Lack of facilities for fighting the fire was responsible for most of the loss to the building, which was erected in 1912. A fire truck from Liberty arrived too late to be of help.

It was believed a method of meeting the demand for offices will be worked out shortly, with an eye to restoration of the courthouse. Federal aid may be asked.

Port Arthur News, Port Arthur, TX 29 Apr 1935