Handley, TX Fire, Aug 1914


Section Hand Falls From Top of His Cottage.


Four Houses Destroyed When Blaze Spreads From Home of Tom Hoover.

Chief and Two Fort Worth Companies Reach Scene Just in Time

Four houses were destroyed at Hadley Tuesday morning after a gasoline stove had exploded in the home of Tom Hoover. The fire spread and burned the following:

Home of Tom Hoover; two-story, value, $1,800; furniture saved, but house total loss.

Mrs. Stark’s boarding house; two-story building; value, $1806, furniture saved, but house entire loss.

Dwelling of Ben Pruett; value, $1,500; furniture saved, but house lost.

Dwelling of C. Irby, loss of $1,250; not totally destroyed.

One Man Hurt.

A. S. Cabey, an interurban section hand, fell from the top of his own cottage in the rear of the Hoover home and it is thought to have fractured his backbone. Cahey had a wet blanket and was fighting the burning sparks off his roof, when he was overcome by the intense heat from the fire and lost his balance. Spectators saw him roll down the roof, and land in a heap on the ground, eighteen feet below. He was unconscious when picked.

Companies Here Stop Flames.

The arrival of Fire Chief Bideker and motor engines from stations No. 5 and 7 in Fort Worth stopped the spread of the flames. Twenty minutes after the alarm had been received in Fort Worth the firemen had 2,000 feet of hose stretched and water was being played on the third house in Handley.

Three other houses were located in the block and would have burned if the firemen had been ten minutes later in getting to the scene.

The houses were located in a row on the street in the rear of the Handley bank.

Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Ft. Worth, TX 11 Aug 1914