Bonham, TX Lightning Strike, Jun 1898


Pranks of Electricity During a Storm at Bonham

Bonham, Fannin Co., Tex., June 14.—During a rain and electrical storm here this morning the residence storm here this morning the residence of Mr. Tom Williams was injured by lightning. The bolt struck a chimney, tearing away the top of it and shattering brick in two rooms on the second floor.

Mrs. Duncan was sitting within a few feet of the chimney, was severely, but not fatally shocked.

Electricity was conducted into the building of the Bonham Wholesale Grocery company by wires. When the storm came up Manager S. B. Howard started to cut off the current from an electric fan when a ball of electricity the size of an egg dropped from the fan and exploded, seriously shocking Miss Maud Scott, an office clerk.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 16 Jun 1898