Weatherford, TX Fire, May 1901

Big Fire At Weatherford.

A Number of Business Houses Burned Yesterday, Entailing a Loss of More Than $100,000.

Special to The News.

Weatherford, Tex., May 25.-The most destructive fire in the history of Weatherford occurred this morning between 3 and 5 o’clock. The fire was discovered in the big hardware and implement store of J.R. Lewis & Co. A strong wind was blowing from the north and it seemed for a while that the entire block of two-story buildings would be consumed. The following is a rough estimate of the loss:

J.R. Lewis & Co. hardware building, valued at $10,000; insurance, $3,600.
M.S. Gorton, building occupied by J.R. Lewis & Co., $5,500, insured for $2,500; stock valued at $30,000, insurance on stock, $10,000.
Building owned by J.H. Caruthers and D.M. Hart Jr., $6,000; insurance, $1,500. Occupied by W.R. Tilman, saloon, whose loss on stock was $2,200, insurance, $1,600.
Gus A. Jenson, barber shop, stock, $600, a total loss; no insurance.
Wadsworth Bams & Co., wholesale and retail drugs, building valued at $12,000, insured for $5,000; stock $60,000, insurance, $19,000.
R.W. Kindell, wholesale and retail wall paper and paints, building damaged about $2,000, no insurance; stock damaged $5,000, insurance, $2,000.
Mrs. Alice Shepard owned the building occupied by the Pacific Express Company. Her loss is several hundred dollars, covered by insurance.
Drs. A. Morse, J.V. Everett and H.L. Wilder occupied offices in this building, Dr. Morse suffered a heavy loss.

The building just north of J.R. Lewis & Co., belonging to Mrs. L.F. Starr, was badly damaged. Mr. Emmett’s loss on stock is $2,000, or $3,000, partially covered by insurance.
The grocery store of John M. Hart was damaged a few hundred dollars. He carried insurance. This building belongs to Wiley Patton of Mississippi. His loss is small.
Manager Farmer of the Southwestern Telephone Company, which has its office in this block over the Merchants and Farmer’s Bank, estimates the company’s loss at $200; no insurance.

During the fire some powder in J.R. Lewis & Co.’s store exploded, knocking several of the firemen to their knees and breaking out windows and glass doors in the courthouse, post office building and a number of stores. All the front doors and windows in the Patterson Hotel, which is just across the street, were blown out, and a flying missile struck Mr. Patterson’s little girl, who was sitting on the bed, inflicting a severe bruise.

Among others who suffered slight losses by their good being carried out were: R.J. Norton, saloon; Will Pangburn, saloon; George Goodman, restaurant; Tom Gallaway, barber; S.R. Williams, confectionery; Charley hart, barber; Reynolds & Mountcastle, drug store; Lon Sims, tailor; Frank Putman, jeweler; Will Rummage, grocery; William Dutton, jeweler; and Abe Newman, clothing.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 26 May 1901