Mineola, TX Tornado, Apr 1919

Eleven Killed Near Mineola
By The Associated Press

Mineola, Texas April 9- Eleven persons were killed and probably fifty injured in a storm which swept over this section last night.

The killed are:
Miss Ida White, of Oak Grove.
Miss Vickery Concord
Mrs. Turner Concord
Among the seriously injured are:
F.M Levens, wife and two daughters. One daughter was still unconscious late this afternoon.
The oldest son of Sarah Moore, hip broken.
Son of Will Vickery, cut and bruised.
Mrs. J.J. Cartright injured internally.
Herman Cartright, arm broken.
George Cartwright, cut and bruised.
Mr. Atkinson, seriously injured.
A negro woman named Anderson slightly injured.

The storm started at 6:30 and traveled in a southwesterly direction.

Houses, barns, fences and practically everything in the path of the storm were demolished. All crops were greatly damaged.

Tyler Daily Courier Times
Volume XXI number 186
Tyler, TX, Wednesday, April 9, 1919.